Lucile Desamory

*1977, Brussel (BE) / woont en werkt in Berlijn (GE)

Kunstenares en filmmaakster Lucile Desamory onderzoekt het onverklaarbare en het bevreemdende. 

In haar werk gaat het echter niet om het evoceren van het metafysische, maar net om de grenzen van de waarneming vanuit een expliciet werelds perspectief. 

Op 12 september organiseert Lucile Desamory samen met Lindy Annis en Nicholas Bussmann een performanc getiteld 'De Val van het Huis Usher'.

Lindy Annis was born in Boston and studied theater at New York University's Experimental Theater Wing. She works as performance artist, choreographer, dramaturg, theater author and other related roles. In 1985 she moved to West Berlin where she became known for her short performance works in public and private spaces. In the 1990's she created the three-part 'Paternoster Project' - a series of performances for circulating elevators involving artists from Berlin, Vienna and Moscow. Since 2001 she has been engaged in the 'Body Archive'; an on-going performative investigation of the iconography of gesture and pose of the western culture and its continuing relevance to the current social and public sphere. Annis works with such artists/composers as Antonia Baehr, Nicholas Bussmann and Frieder Butzmann.

Nicholas Bussmann mixes traditional composition with club music production techniques and concept art. He performs under various monikers and band names. he toured in Europe, Japan, North and Middle America and published numerous Vinyls & CDs.
His work has been presented at: Maerzmusik Berlin, Shanghai Biennale 10, Fondaçio de Serralves, Mutek, Berlin-Hong Kong, Ftarri Tokyo, transmediale, Ars Electronica, amongst others.
He is founder of a love song competition, named Grand Prix d’Amour in Berlin. Nicholas Bussmann lives in Berlin.

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Lucile Desamory

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